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Is it just me, or as a creative entrepreneur do you feel like it's a pain to get new items listed for sale in your online shop?

Etsy (or Shopify or WooCommerce or all the others) provide a lot of opportunity for us to make money from our art. And while it's great they let us share a lot of details with our customers, it can be such a pain to fill in all the blanks!

We already worked hard to create the product. Why do we have to work even harder to write product listings?!

Truthfully, at any given time I usually have at least two dozen listings in draft mode in my Etsy shop for exactly this reason.

Luckily, my favorite Tailwind scheduling tool now gives me a new AI resource – at no additional charge! So now, with Tailwind Ghostwriter, I can have creative copy that converts in a fraction of the time.

What Is Tailwind Ghostwriter?

With everyone talking about AI and how to use it for blogging and marketing, it makes sense for you to jump on the bandwagon too, right?

However, as a solopreneur at the early stages of business, I know I don't have tons of cash piling up ready to buy the newest products on the market.

That's why I was so excited that Tailwind Ghostwriter was added to my Tailwind account at no additional cost. My subscription went from an amazingly helpful automatic scheduling tool for Pinterest to now an entire co-author of social media and blog posts.

4 Simple Steps to Tailwind Ghostwriter Product Descriptions

Of course, you need to have Tailwind to start using their Ghostwriter tool. Start by signing up for your free trial of Tailwind with my referral link here. Then, head to “AI Labs” on the lefthand menu.

You'll notice that several types of online stores are pre-plugged in for you to choose from. This is helpful when you realize different platforms all have different key items you have to plug in before launching!

Tailwind Ghostwriter Product Descriptions

Since I currently operate two Etsy shops, I tested out Tailwind Ghostwriter with, of course, the Etsy listing option.

Once you select your platform, there are just four simple steps needed to go from blank stare at your screen to completed product description.

Step 1: Product Name

Complete the first field with your product name. While you may have one in mind already, here's a tip you should know. There's actually an option for Tailwind Ghostwriter to also help you come up with a product name! (It is just above the “Listing Description options. You can see it at the top of the photo above.)

Tailwind Ghostwriter Product Descriptions

Step 2: Target Audience

Hopefully before you launch your store or a new product line, you have niched down your target audience. If not, here is a good chance to enhance your product description to capture the right potential buyer. For instance, most of my products are geared towards new moms or mompreneurs starting their own home-based business.

Step 3: Keywords

If you have done any competitive analysis for your product, you know that keywords are important to help your product rise above the rest. If you are still new to Search Engine Optimization, that's okay! Simply add some of the keywords your buyer would search in the search bar when looking for a product just like yours.

In any business model, keywords are constantly something to research and update. Start with what comes top of mind and you can always enhance later.

Step 4: Value and Creation

What makes your product unique relative to competitors in the market? Do you have a special spin on how you go about creating it? Does it add more value by providing extra features? Complete this section with brief but descriptive responses that add personality to your product.

Ready to watch Tailwind Ghostwriter in action? Click play on my reel below!

Instantly Generate Product Description

What I love (besides that this took less than 5 minutes to complete) is that you get more options generated than being stuck with your initial responses.

In my video, I used the product name “Handmade Seller Order Form Bundle.” Not super exciting, but it was the product, right?

When Tailwind Ghostwriter spit out descriptions for me, it added some Product Title enhancements. It came back with “Instant Download, Business Success Order Form Bundle – Handmade, Customizable and Multifunctional.”

It was a little longer than what I was looking for, but the great part is I could copy and paste the aspects I liked to enhance my title in my shop.

The other thing I really loved I unfortunately edited out of the video!

Etsy sellers will likely recognize the 13 tag slots available to them. And all pro sellers insist each and everyone is filled in.

For some products, that feels easy enough. But for others, I run out of ways to say “it's a digital form.”

But even though I only entered two or three keywords, Tailwind Ghostwriter generated all 13 keyword for me. It knew that's what the Etsy platform would be looking for in a product description!

Still not sure about Tailwind for all of your social media – and not content generation – needs? Give Tailwind a try for free now!

Then, check out my other Tailwind posts to get the most out of your new best solopreneur friend.


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