Tailwind Ghostwriter Shatters Writer’s Block With Brilliant A.I.

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If you've been following my blog for a minute, you have likely read my raves about Tailwind. It's pretty much the only reason I have any social media presence on any platform, to be honest. Amazingly, Tailwind has leveled up by adding a new feature that I am THRILLED about. And of course, no extra charges or upgrade fees required! I had the luxury of Beta testing Tailwind Ghostwriter. Now, it is fully launched to all users.

So what is Tailwind Ghostwriter? Ultimately, it's some really cool Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) that automates title and caption writing and saves you hours of creativity blockages.

Artificial Intelligence is popping up everywhere. In the blogging world, it's being promoted to content creators nonstop. Of course, companies are trying to get another share of your wallet to make life easier for you. However, if you are an actual creator, you don't need to be using (or paying for) AI tools to write your entire blog posts for you! What you'd probably love, though, is some help with all the social media captions you need to write daily just to push your content out into the world.

If you haven't heard much about Tailwind yet, make sure to read my Ultimate Guide and Review of Tailwind for Social Media Automation.

This new Ghostwriter benefit is just one piece of the pie. You definitely want to make sure you're aware of all of the original core features that made Tailwind so popular even before this new launch.

That said, let's get in to the new Ghostwriter tool!

What is The Tailwind Ghostwriter Feature?

Tailwind Ghostwriter uses highly advanced Artificial Intelligence to generate ready-to-post captions and copy for you.

With a click of the button, Ghostwriter AI relies on billions of data inputs and applies additional instructions created uniquely by Tailwind. And based on all of the content I've tried Ghostwriter with so far, it has all sounded organically written, which has always been my complaint about trying out AI writers in the past!

Initially, the Beta Tailwind Ghostwriter launch was primarily used with generating Pinterest pin captions. That was ideal for me, because as a blogger, advice always recommends at least 5 unique Pins per piece of content shared. Plus, Tailwind For Pinterest was the entire reason I got started with the platform in the first place.

And I don't know about you, but once I've used all my creative juice on writing a really great blog post, I don't have a lot left in the tank for finding 5 unique ways to write a caption for a single piece of content!

Now, Tailwind has announced Ghostwriter is ready and launched to write Email subject lines and even better… Instagram captions too! Thank goodness… because half the time just thinking about writing an Instagram caption is the reason I end up making excuses and post nothing at all for weeks. Oh wait, did I forget to mention Facebook captions? Yep, it's all there!

If you're already a Tailwind user, Ghostwriter should already be available in your account. Don't let this new feature go unnoticed and gather dust.

Not a Tailwind user yet? I'm a proud affiliate for a reason. Stop spinning your wheels and go to Tailwind to get social media automated for your blog, Etsy shop, online coaching business and more.

Tailwind: The Tool that feels like a marketing team

Real-Life Tailwind Ghostwriter Example

Interested to see how Ghostwriter works?

Follow along with me as I use Ghostwriter to create a Pin description!

Many Pins I creat but let sit in draft mode too long. I never have the energy or brain power to put together a clever, catchy caption.

Below is a Pin design I made using Tailwind Create. (Also so glad they added that amazing feature FREE. You can read more of my thoughts on Tailwind Create in this post.)

Steps to Use Tailwind Ghostwriter for a Pinterest Pin

First, I start by pulling the Pin out of draft mode and get ready to schedule it. You can see that I had previously filled the Pin URL when I designed the pin, but saved the whole thing in draft mode because I didn't fill in the title or description.

At the top right, you can see the button to enable Ghostwriter. Simply click that button to get done-for-you content in seconds.

Blank Pin Description Example Step 1

Complete The Ghostwriter Drop-Down Options

Tailwind Ghostwriter will generate a drop-down menu to narrow-down the type of content you are sharing. This will help the algorithm establish tone of voice and understand whether the purpose of the piece is to make a sale or to casually share informational content.

Tailwind Ghostwriter Example Step 2

In this example, my post about 15 Reasons to Start an Etsy Side Hustle is general Informational Content. Once I select that, you'll see an additional line to confirm what your informational content is about.

Here, Ghostwriter will attempt to complete the line for you, typically using the blog post title or other primary headers it finds on the Pin URL. However, in my case, it used the full title and added my blog name at the end. So, it read, “15 Reasons to Start an Etsy Shop Side Hustle – The Professional Mom.”

Since I want the caption to focus on the core content, I shortened the profiled information to simply “Reasons to Start an Etsy Shop.”

You'll then notice two optional checkboxes to further direct Ghostwriter if you'd like.

The first is the option to add keywords or phrases to your caption. The second is to add a specific call to action.

Here, because I'm sharing a list post and don't have any additional key terms outside of reasons to start on Etsy, I skipped that option. However, I did decide to add a call-to-action to see if it would help the clickthrough rate on my Pin.

Tailwind Ghostwriter Example Step 3

Finally, with a few simple items completed, it's time to click “Generate Descriptions.”

You'll notice that depending on the content and how much information Ghostwriter can find, you may even get multiple options to choose from.

Choose The Best Caption And Make Necessary Edits

This Pin in my example generated three unique captions to choose from. Here's a close up of one example below.

I decided to use this caption because it clearly understood my branding from analyzing my blog content. Not only do I focus on helping Etsy sellers, but I specifically do so for creative entrepreneurs and stay-at-home-moms.

Now, you may notice the last line showing suggests “here are 10 great [reasons].” Obviously, my post has 15 reasons, so the captions will not always be flawless. But luckily, that's a quick and easy fix. You can change any text in the suggested caption, hit save description, and be on your way to scheduling your posts.

It's that simple!

Tailwind Ghostwriter Example Step 4

Mom Has The Last Word

Tailwind Ghostwriter is bringing even more time-saving automation to the table for solopreneurs like us. And amazingly, it's another “just because” feature for loyal users. It's not another paid upgrade option.

With so many social media platforms and the on-going drive for unique content every step of the way, having a tool like Ghostwriter in your pocket is so powerful! Focus on what you're good at or genuinely care about (like writing long form, helpful posts.) Then, let Tailwind Ghostwriter fill in the blanks and write the compelling summaries you can splash out across the internet to draw your audience to your posts.

So what are you waiting for? Try out all of Tailwind's time-saving features, including new Tailwind Ghostwriter – for free!

Have you tried out Ghostwriter yet? How about Tailwind in general? I'd love to hear how others are liking it. Share you experience in the comments below!

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