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What is Tailwind for Pinterest and is it worth it for bloggers? After all, there are so many apps and systems recommended to us constantly. Too many things to pay for as you are starting out as a new blogger or online business owner. How many of them do we really need?

Honest answer. One.

All you need for social media marketing is Tailwind. It now posts to Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook with ease. And you can try Tailwind absolutely FREE. (Seriously. No credit card info even needed.)

Here is my honest Tailwind review, and insight into whether the fuss (and cost) is the right investment for you.

I confess. I hate social media.

Yes, I fully appreciate the value of social media marketing for business. And I love the opportunity it creates for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Especially at such a low cost.

But personally, as a user? I haven't been very social media active in years. So as a solopreneur, staying on top of social media posts is the last task I want to be adding onto my calendar each week.

Luckily, I finally looked into the automation system that several of my blogger idols mentioned often.

Now, I can't stop shouting off the rooftops about Tailwind for Pinterest, Tailwind for Instagram, Tailwind Create and all of the continued new tools Tailwind keeps sending down the pipeline to simplify social media.

I save SO much money in my business not having to pay for a virtual assistant or social media marketer.

You need to find every way you can to cut expenses as a solopreneur, while still making smart investments in yourself and your business.

Aside from my web hosting tools, this is the only resource I would never even CONSIDER eliminating from my business.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase after clicking through a link, I may get compensated at no cost to you. All thoughts and reviews are genuine and I only recommend products I know and trust.

What is Tailwind for Pinterest?

Simply put, Tailwind is “the tool that feels like a marketing team.” In fact, that's the company's exact tagline, and for good reason.

Tailwind is a software made to simplify, streamline and automate social media marketing. It first gained popularity as an automated posting system for Pinterest when it launched in 2015. The tool helped small businesses stay on track with consistent Pinterest posting. It also aimed to create strong analytical tools for creators to boost their best content and make more of what works.

Like all great companies, Tailwind has stayed on the pulse of what small business owners truly need. That means that they have grown and expanded their offerings with multifunctional benefits. So, what many people still call Tailwind for Pinterest is really much more than that. It's also an amazing tool for Instagram and Facebook posting, too!

There are three core features Tailwind focuses on for its users.

  1. Create – Design hundreds of branded pins in seconds (seriously)
  2. Schedule – Prearrange your ideal content posting times, plus set up autoposting so you never miss a day again
  3. Optimize – Analyze your pin performance and top trends to maximize your traffic and conversions

Within each of these features, Tailwind leaves no stone unturned! Watch their fun intro video below. Then read on for details about how Tailwind helps, no matter which stage of marketing you are in for your business.

Is There More than One Tailwind App?

The Tailwind App is often referred to as “Tailwind for Pinterest,” “Tailwind for Instagram,” or “Tailwind for Facebook.” This is because of the varied functions across social media platforms. However, it is all the same Tailwind and it will all integrate with one single account.

Is Tailwind Approved By Pinterest

Yes, Tailwind is 100% Pinterest Marketing Partner verified!

What does this mean?

Because Tailwind is an approved Pinterest partner, it aligns with the terms of use, best practices, and ongoing changes that Pinterest implements.

Seal of Approval as an Official Pinterest Partner

Many software programs and apps try to mimic services like this, but as third-party programs that do not get verified, you are taking some big risks! Keep that in mind for other social media tools you research, too.

Through Tailwind for Pinterest, the applications will connect without you entering sensitive information (like your password) which is one way you know it's secure and approved.

Who Is Tailwind For?

Do you dread manually pinning or posting each day on all of the social media platforms because you are “supposed to”?

Are there better – and more valuable- things you need to be doing in your business than spending hours creating graphics that post for just a few minute of interaction?

Surprise. Tailwind is the complete solution for you.

Over 1,000,000 brands and small businesses are currently using Tailwind.

Because of how robust all of the tools are within Tailwind, it can replace an entire marketing team so solopreneurs and small business owners can save money and focus their energy on the business part of their business.

Meanwhile, larger enterprises have the opportunity to upgrade to additional features to streamline and enhance their digital marketing strategy.

Truly, this makes Tailwind a valuable resource for any person or company aiming to grow traffic online. Just a few ideal users include:

  • Bloggers
  • Etsy or Shopify Sellers
  • YouTubers
  • Podcasters
  • Mastermind / Membership Site Owners
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Content Creators
  • Boutique Owners
  • Brick & Mortar Shop Owners
  • Service Providers

The free Tailwind trial lets everyone have the perfect opportunity to try it out and see if it's right for them without ever spending a penny.

How Does The Tailwind Pinterest Scheduler Work?

Tailwind for Pinterest is my personal favorite part of the platform. Even if I have no desire to create social media posts for the week, I can schedule other content for Pinterest to keep my followers engaged and remain consistent and relevant in my niche.

It is simple to get started with Tailwind for Pinterest. Plus, it's just as simple to pivot your strategy along the way!

Tailwind for Pinterest Scheduler Benefits

SmartSchedule with Tailwind

Decide how many pins you want pinned each day for your account. Many pro bloggers seem to recommend between 15 and 25 pins per day as the sweet spot.

I started with 15 per day as I got familiar with Tailwind, and then bumped it up to 25 when I realized how quickly I could do it all!

The SmartSchedule tool will then automatically generate recommended time slots. Personalize your results and schedule your pins to publish when pinners are most engaged.

Interval Pinning

Not only can you batch schedule pins, but you can also set up intervals. Do you have an amazing post you are excited to pin to 10 different boards? Set an interval telling Tailwind you want to keep a minimum of 3, 5, 10 days or more in between board posts.

Not only will this space out your posting for maximum traffic, but it will ensure Pinterest doesn't see your post as spammy.

Drag & Drop Calendar

Fine-tune your schedule by dragging each Pin exactly where it needs to go. Don't need anything specific, but accidentally pinned a bunch without setting up intervals? Just click “shuffle” and let Tailwind mix them up for you!

There are actually three ways to schedule to Pinterest with Tailwind. It's so nice to have options depending on how you browse or batch your social media work.

  1. Upload Pins Directly to Tailwind
    If you use Tailwind Create or another tool like Canva, you can upload the pins directly to Tailwind and link to the website of your choice. This is the easiest way to create fresh pins often, without overcrowding your blog post with too many pin images.
  2. Schedule directly from Pinterest
    Rather than manually mass repinning all the pins you like at once, space them out this way.
  3. Schedule directly from any website
    Install the Tailwind browser extension for free, and add any images on the page to your Tailwind queue.

How to Schedule Pins With Tailwind for Pinterest: Video Tutorial

Interested to see how it works before you sign up? Tailwind has some great tutorials like the one below. Learn just how easy it is to schedule weeks worth of content in minutes. Better yet, sign up for the free plan and then follow along!

Tailwind Create

What is the new Tailwind Create feature, and how is it better than the way you currently design pin graphics?

As a non-creative, non-graphic-designer myself, Tailwind Create has been an absolute game changer.

Essentially, the brilliant minds at Tailwind have already created hundreds of design templates that are preloaded into Tailwind Create at your fingertips.

All you have to do is upload you own images for your pin, type in the title, and click to generate literally hundreds of options. Honestly, I tried to count once just to give you a more accurate number, and gave up after 200.

What's even better is that you can preset your brand preferences, and all of the templates will automatically take on your brand qualities. That means your brand colors, title font, subtitle font, and even logo can be autogenerated across all of the templates. As you scroll through the designs, you won't have to try to imagine how a design will look once you customize it further. It will literally be ready to download and go.

If you are a Canva user and wondering how Tailwind Create compares, I've got you covered. Trust me, I love Canva. And yes, I pay for Canva Pro and use it practically daily.

However, when Tailwind Create was released, it saved even more time than I could imagine. While Canva provides templates, you still need to change the colors and fonts yourself. You have to replace the images by dragging and dropping photos until the graphic looks right. And then, you have to do it a few more times with entirely different templates if you are trying to create several pins for one piece of content, like we all know we are supposed to be doing.

Plus, as they continue to improve and roll out new developments, Create becomes even more impressive. Now, you can take the design you love and with one click, immediately have it formatted into four of the most commonly used social media size layouts. No more designing separately for Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook!

Watch a Video Tutorial of Tailwind Create in Action

The Tailwind team even did a study and created an infographic about the typical results of members using Tailwind Create. Check it out below or scroll down to the next section for more details.

Optimize Social Media Performance With Tailwind

In case you're not already convinced how helpful Tailwind is for Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook, review some of their extra bells and whistles for optimizing each of your social media accounts. I have easily saved hundreds of dollars in social media resources thanks to so much being included in my Tailwind account.

  • Hashtag Finder – Instead of spending hours trying to find the most popular, trending hashtags, or shelling out money to pay for a quality social media guru's advice, Tailwind includes a hashtag finder that will suggest relevant hashtags for the content you are typing in your captions. Even better, they are already color-coordinators to recommend which hash tags are the best based on popularity and competitiveness. And, if you use the same hashtags frequently, you can automatically save a group of them to quickly post again any time in the future.
  • Smart.Bio – You know how some people are able to say “link in bio” on Instagram? They are able to share links to their blog, courses, affiliate partners or anywhere else. Meanwhile, you still think that Instagram can't link out of the app. That's where Smart.Bio comes in. Tailwind makes it simple to post links in your bio, even for posts you schedule weeks ahead of time.
  • Social Media Analytics – Collect data on each of your pins to analyze which content performs best. You can quickly and seamlessly switch between Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook accounts to understand data all in one place, too.
  • Communities – Tailwind Communities are likely the biggest reason that bloggers and other content creators swear by Tailwind. Of course, the scheduling tool is a time saver and valuable for consistency. However, Tailwind Communities have high engagement rates and allow creators in a similar niche to quickly and easily share quality content across their accounts. This helps everybody grow from exposure to audiences they haven't yet reached, but they know would be interested in their blog.

    Communities have been so valuable to me that I have a whole section on them below.

What Are Tailwind Communities (Formerly Tailwind Tribes)?

Tailwind Communities are niche groups that Tailwind users can join to help share their content with like-minded content creators. So, if you are an online yoga instructor and blogger, you can browse hundreds of health and workout focuses communities to join. Community members then collaborate by sharing each others' content.

While this sounds similar to Pinterest's own “Group Boards,” I have found Tailwind Communities to be far superior for content sharing and traffic growth.

The Communities feature still allows group creators to set rules and standards for members. They also allow to make their communities public or private, requiring approval or not to join. However, one of the best features in Communities is the accountability tool. Users are shown how much of their own content they have pinned for the month as compared to how much of their community member's content shared. So rather than selfishly spamming their own content and leaving, like in many Group Boards directly through Pinterest, Communities have true balance and content sharing.

Plus, with over 20,000 Tailwind Communities to choose from, there is surely a board – or several- with the perfect blogger friends for you. And if not, you can always start your own Community absolutely free!

Watch a video made by Tailwind about how to master their Communities feature!

Mom Has The Last Word

The honest truth is that without Tailwind for Pinterest, I would almost never post on social media. And I know that's a valuable part of running a blog or online business! One of my favorite things about Tailwind is that they keep updating their tools and resources for content creators. In fact, they recently launched an email feature AND they are already teasing a new marketing tool that I am extremely exited about. (It should be launching later this fall!)

I have even had to reach out to their customer service team a couple of times as their pricing model has changed recently (for the better!!) They have been SO helpful and updated my account with the new (better) pricing model even though I had just resubscribed on the new plan. I have never had such friendly, helpful and fast customer service with any other online tool I use.

Do you use Tailwind or another scheduler for your social media content? How do you like it? Let me know in the comments below.

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