Hi, I’m Rebecca!

Full time Vice President in corporate finance, 3-year wifey, 2-year homeowner, long-time side-hustler and now, expecting proud new mom (October September 2021!)

Freshly launched in Fall 2021, The Professional Mom is a peek behind the curtain as I, a professional in corporate finance, transition into the biggest promotion life could provide — becoming a first time mama!

Will I continue corporate life and have to make decisions about nannies and daycares? Will I decide to stay home for a few months and change jobs? Will I never go back to an office again?

No idea!

And that’s why I’m excited to share my journey. Time to announce to other new mamas that you don’t have to have all the answers yet, either.

Whether you are a professional, full-time mom or have a professional career and little ones at home, my goal is to connect with you, the family executive who does more than anyone will ever know.

My education and work experience makes me an obsessive researcher and planner. So, if you are scouring the web for everything “best” for your new baby, you’ll love it here. I’ve done the work for you!

I’ll be sharing tips, tricks and hacks for all The Professional Moms being the best superheroes they can be.

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