15 Mom Blog Niche Ideas to Dominate As a New Blogger

15 Money-Making Mom Blog Niche Ideas

Do you need mom blog niche ideas to get you motivated?

Starting a mom blog is a fun and exciting experience once you get past those pesky technical hurdles.

But if you've been reading up about successfully making money with a blog, you've heard that you need a niche to really stand out. So the question is… does “mom blog” count as niche enough?

When I started The Professional Mom, I knew I wanted to be in the mom blog niche. Being pregnant with our first child left no question that it's where my head, heart and of course current expertise was focused in.

I know that the audience and the relationships I enjoy (and need!) right now are with other mamas who have experiences and advice to share.

So could I consider my niche just “mom blog” and be focused enough for my reader group?

In this case, probably so.

Personally, I think us mamas like to stick together, and know that we all wear several hats. So, just because one day I'm looking at a recipe, I still might need to follow that same mom blogger to know how she tricks her kiddo into eating his veggies!

However, it's never a bad idea to consider your options to niche down even further, even in the mom blog circle.

As a new blogger, the more specific your blog at the beginning, the faster you'll be able to gain traction and views. Plus, you can always expand your topics as you become more popular and grow.

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The key to choosing a niche for your mom blog is to figure out what stage you are at in motherhood, and what you'll be interested in for the long haul. (If you already have a niche or want to learn more about blogging, I'd recommend starting with my Ultimate Guide to Starting A Money-Making Blog.)

Think choosing a niche within the mom blog world would cause you to run out of ideas too quickly?

Check out this list of 15 mom blog niche ideas that can help you make money from home. There are even some subtopics within each to kickstart your brainstorming.

1. Pregnancy & Delivery, Mom-To-Be Blog

In the early stages of pregnancy or pregnancy planning? A whole blog can easily be filled with topics for mom-to-be. Think everything from prenatal vitamins and pregnancy workouts to understanding what a doula is and who may want one.

2. Single Mom Life

Living the single mom life? You have special insight on what it truly means to do ALL the things and wear ALL the hats in your house. Dedicate a mom blog to other single mamas and build your own community. What is the dating scene like and when do you introduce someone to your kids? How do you balance child care while working full time – possibly at more than one job?

3. Family Budgeting

Are you a whiz with numbers and typically the family bill-payer? Help share you knowledge with other mamas through a financial, frugality or family budgeting mom blog niche. Some of the most popular mom blogs are about extreme couponing to save for your family! Or show off your unique ideas about how to teach your kids smart ways to make and save money.

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4. Fostering, Adoption, Bonus Parenting

If your mom life includes fostering, adopting or step-parenting, niche a mom blog to an audience in the same boat. Share stories from all different versions of blended families and how they built their lives together. Or what about committing to educating people about what topics they should stop asking you about your family?

5. Family Recipes

One of the most popular blog types will always be cooking and recipes. It's so much easier to type in some keywords online and pull up your perfect family dinner! If you are the family chef, create a family recipe blog niche. You will easily be able to share the best meals that even the pickiest child will eat, and those recipes that best disguise vegetables.

6. Kid Friendly Arts & Crafts

Got a flair for creativity? Center your mom blog niche around kid friendly arts and crafts. Think your art is not really “kid friendly?” Find a way to spin it and position it for moms and kids to do together. What about “Mom & Me” friendship bracelet making tutorials? There is always a need for activities to keep kids busy. And if they can incorporate mom's favorite hobby, even better!

7. Homeschooling & Education

Homeschooling moms are a niche that surly love the community and idea sharing from other homeschooling moms. Target your blog to sharing advice about why and how to homeschool your children. Or, focus on the educational aspect and create resources for teaching the subjects you are a pro at. Then, you have the perfect opportunity to swap with other guest bloggers to share their subject area expertise on your blog as well!

8. Working From Home As A Mom

Working from home is here to stay, for more of us than ever before! Whether it's because you have a flexible, remote job or because you are your own boss, jump into a work from home mom blogging niche. How do you teach your kids to respect “mom is at work” time when you are just in the other room?

9. Mom Fashion & Beauty

Fashion and beauty is a hugely popular blog niche for a reason. So why don't you blend that with the mom lifestyle and have your own core beatufy blog for trendy mamas? All it akes is a little spin on popular topics. Show off shift dresses that mom can wear casually at the park, but then easily glam up for a night out on the town. Or maybe help out us moms who are scared to admit it, but we are really starting to like the comfort of the “mom jeans” we always made fun of in the past.

Infographic of 15 money making mom blog niche ideas

10. Fertility & Infertility Journey

If you are comfortable being vulnerable and sharing your fertility and infertility struggles, this niche is one that many women around the globe would be grateful to have more resources around. Connect with the women who need to hear more voices about the path through IUI, in-vitro and overall fertility struggles and how to adjust to a new outlook on family life.

11. Family Travel Mom Blog Niche Ideas

Family travel is more chaotic than I could ave imagined, even with just one newborn! If you are a pro at packing up a car for a weekend road trip, start a mom blog niche geared towards traveling with kids. Or combine your love of Disney World by blogging about the ways to do Disney on a budget and avoid the worst lines!

12. Self-Care & Balance

For the zen-mom who practices self-care, meditation and relaxation, get your positive vibes into our mom blog community. It's so easy to get carried away with selfless dedication and love for your kids, that so many moms need your reminders. Share that inspiration, motivation, and basket of quick-tips for balancing “me time” into your day.

13. Productivity & Time Management

Moms somehow “do it all” – even when it feels like nothing got done. When you are a pro at productivity and time management, blog about it for the moms that can follow a schedule but really need your help creating one. What are your best kept secrets for never missing your son's football game, your daughter's piano recital, and the bake sale they always forget to remind you about?

14. Home Decor

Interior designing moms can bring their stylish eye to the blogverse with a niche in home decor. Anything in the easily stages, like nursery room ideas and calming color palettes, would have been a huge help for new moms everywhere. Or save us the headache of childproofing, and point out some of the safest, but still trendy and functional, furniture for every room in the house.

15. Home Management & Organization

The home management mom takes productivity one step further, somehow keeping organization throughout the whole house. Any mom who labels everything and ACTUALLY knows where everything is at all times, needs to be shouting her secrets to the world!

Mom Has The Last Word

You don't necessarily have to narrow down the perfect mom blog niche ideas before starting a blog. In fact, I hope you don't stall just trying to decide on one! Just start writing and see where your expertise starts to lean. And then run with it in that direction for awhile, so your community can really get a sense of your expertise.

So what I really want to know is:

1) Are you already a mom blogger and in a niche on the list? Drop your niche and link to your blog in the comments below so we can support your mom blog journey!

2) If you ever started a mom blog, which niche would fit you best? Drop that one into a comment, too!

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