Two Month Baby Registry Update – What We Have Actually Used

You know that feeling when you first created a baby registry? Maybe that's where you are right this moment, or maybe you're a professional mama looking back now and thinking, “Why the heck did I get that?”

Creating a baby registry is both fun and overwhelming. Somehow, it ends in the feeling that you need SO. MUCH. STUFF. And somehow, it also feels like you are missing a TON of items and will never be fully prepared.

Luckily, mom blogs are thriving and we can all learn from each other before getting carried away with the shopping cart. Or maybe you are like me, and want to get carried away and make the final verdict yourself!

If you are still in the process of creating your baby registry, check out my full list of items (including specific brands) that we ultimate registered for or purchased for our first born baby.

Somehow time has flown by and we just passed the two month mark as parents – woo hoo! Here, I take a look back at the baby registry items we have actually used versus those that we haven't touched. I even include some bonus items that we have surprisingly found incredibly useful, but were never on the baby registry list to begin with!

Baby Registry Items Used Daily

Even the newest parents know the main list of what newborns need – diapers, wipes, clothes. Those are the top (and most obvious) items we use (lots of) daily. But two months in, what else has already come in extremely handy?

  • Baby Crib & Mattress – We have had our little one in his own crib since about 4 weeks, after talking to our pediatrician.

    Note, the American Academy of Pediatrics says newborns should be in a room with the parents for at least the first 6 months. That is the organization medical professionals cite so it's the response you may see across popular mom blogs anywhere. For us, the reality is that having baby in his own room (with a quality baby monitor) has been a game changer. It is the right decision for our little family. That doesn't mean it's right for everyone, and I'm not a medical professional (and all those other disclaimers,) so talk to your trusted pro about sleep options.
  • Baby Monitor – Because we quickly trusted and came to love our baby monitor, we were able to get little one into his bed earlier than expected. After hours of research on baby monitors, I have been extremely happy about the one we decided on!

Baby Registry Items Used Weekly

  • Bottle Sanitizer – A bottle sanitizer machine is one of the most common items pro mamas will tell you that you really don't need. If you're on a budget or love the minimalist lifestyle, you can surely skip a sanitizer. That said, I am a big advocate for anything that makes life easier. Getting a few minutes of your day back really adds up when it's a constant routine! Mamas were split about whether they recommended we buy one or not. Many were happy with the cheap and easy microwaveable bags. Many others loved the “press and go” ease of the bottle sanitizer. We have quickly become part of crowd number two, and use ours several times a week.
  • Baby Swing – Surprisingly, we haven't used the baby swing nearly as much as I had expected to in the first couple of months. Early on, our little one was okay sitting in the swing, but didn't seem to care for it to be moving. He neither loved nor hated it, but ultimately cried to be held instead anyway. Over the last week or so, he has seemed to take a better liking to it, especially as his vision develops and he appreciates being able to sit up better.

Baby Registry Items Not Used

There are still many items sitting in the baby nursery we have yet to use. Some are just not yet age appropriate (like some toys, clothes, etc.) Others are more seasonal or travel related and don't make sense to break out for a two month old in winter. We have yet to see whether the items below will all come in handy at some point, or whether we are victims of overbuying for baby.

  • Humidifier
  • Baby Medicines – These will obviously be some of the items we WILL be grateful to have on-hand at some point in the near future. However, we have been lucky so far, and could have waited to invest in a few of them.

Surprising Items We Use for Baby

  • Round Pillow Set (Double Use!) – Between Covid concerns and a little bit of baby brain, we didn't schedule a photographer to get those priceless newborn pictures that I was really hoping to have. Of course, then I remembered the DSLR camera gathering dust on my shelf. (Plus the fact that our iPhones have pro capabilities now, too!)

    After some quick internet searches, I decided that buying a round pillow and throwing the soft blankets I already own on top would get that warm and fuzzy look of popular newborn photo shoots. Admittedly, when my purchase showed up at my door, I wasn't a fan. It felt cheap, plus I expected it to have a base, which it didn't. I went ahead to try it out anyway and guess what?

    It worked out perfectly for the photos, but THEN … my baby fell fast asleep and was suddenly comfortable somewhere OTHER than in my arms or lying on my chest.

    The pillow with a thick blanket thrown over it quickly turned into what we affectionally call his “baby nest.” Again, head to my disclaimers and remember that these are not ways the experts would recommend baby sleep through the night or without direct supervision. But if your baby is not interested in his swing, travel bassinet, or anywhere else he can lay while you get things done (or even just sneak away to pee) this has been a game changer for us!

Mom Has The Last Word

We know all families are different and of course so are all babies! What works for our newborn may not work for yours. But hopefully, knowing what baby registry items ARE essentials helps your to make some informed decisions and invest your money in the right places for your new baby. Plus, having surprise items around the house that can pull double-duty is always a great bonus!

Check back for our six-month baby update in March!

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