Brilliant Stay At Home Mom Business Ideas In 2023

Looking for stay at home mom business ideas to help bring in some extra income?

When I decided to leave the corporate world to stay home with my son, I expected to be heading back to the rat race within a year. However, during my leave, I learned about some brilliant ways stay at home moms were making money.

I was so inspired by these work-from-home mamas that I vamped up my entrepreneur energy and ended up starting multiple of these businesses for myself.

Yes, more than one.

Because you never know what will work until you try. And some business ideas just don't stick as well as others.

So, what are a few of the most popular stay at home mom business ideas I have come across in the last year? Check out the list and see if your business idea is on it… maybe it's a sign that it's time for you to start today!

Make & Sell Stay At Home Mom Business Ideas

Crafts & Customized Gifts
Create unique crafts to make and sell based on your hobbies, passions or expertise. Not sure if anybody would be interested in what you make? Just take a quick peek at Etsy to see just how many handmade creations are loved around the world. Don't have a hobby? Pick one up that the kids are interested in as well!

All of the following niches and hobbies result in incredibly popular products. People love buying unique, hand-made gifts for loved ones at every occasion.

  • Sewing, crocheting & macramé
  • Jewelry making
  • Woodwork & whittling
  • Resin art products
  • Custom tumblers and glassware
  • Personalized t-shirts, hats and other apparel
  • Pottery & ceramics

Cooked Meals or Baked Goods
If you are a good chef or love to bake, create a business around the heart of the kitchen. Find your niche by taking on a spin like one of these:

  • Cook special dinners as an in-home chef. Create a booking schedule around the few days and times you'd like to work, and show up to the client's house to cook a fresh meal right in their own kitchen.
  • Niche down into specific dietary restrictions. Become the local pro in keto meals or gluten-free baked goods.
  • Batch prep a week of meals to deliver to clients. Who needs frozen meals when they can eat local homemade deliciousness?

Service-Based Stay At Home Mom Businesses

Coaching Business
Life Coaching, Mindset Coaching and Business Coaching have popped up as incredibly popular businesses in the last few years. If you have specific education or experience to be able to lead others through meaningful and positive change, a coaching business requires little more than your framework, a communication plan, consistency and an affinity to help people.

Dog Walking Business
Dog walking is not just for local teenagers anymore! So many people adopted pets during the pandemic, that they now realize by heading back to the office they are short on time and help for their fur-babies. This can be an especially fun way to get your young children engaged in business if they can help you walk or feed some pets during the day.

Nanny & Babysitting Business
If you are already at home with your child anyway, can you take on one or two more during the day? Especially if there are local kids around the same age as yours, you might be able to bring in some extra cash for essentially the same daily tasks you are completing anyway.

Online Business Ideas for Stay At Home Moms

Virtual Assistant
Start a business as a virtual assistant so you can work on your own time. You can niche down into a specific topic if you want to be super clear on the work you are interested in doing (and avoid others!) For instance, some successful virtual assistance work specifically as social media marketing assistants, or even Pinterest Virtual Assistants.

Yes, blogging is a business. It's more of a slow-and-steady businesses, especially at the beginning as you learn the fundamentals. However, if you are looking for a business idea that can function as consistent income so you can be a long-term stay at home mom, definitely look into this one!

Affiliate Marketing
What I first thought was super “techy” and for only the most internet-savvy has actually been much clearer than I originally thought. Affiliate marketing can be simplified down to making recommendations to people about products you love. If they use your code or link to also buy and try the product, you make a little bit of cash! Sure, it can be harder to scale up and bring in career-quitting money than to take in the small wins. However, have you ever sent a friend that $20 off Rothy's code so that you also got that deal? (Or the one of Instacart or any others?) Yep, you could be in the affiliate marketing business.

Online Course Creation
Online courses are exploding in popularity. They are projected to be the fastest growing market in education by 2026. And they are not school-based courses that need a professional teacher. People are interested in courses that help them grow personally, professionally, spiritually, emotionally and everything in between. Jump on an all-inclusive platform like Teachable and create a course on something you know a lot about. What's even better is these platforms help you become a course creator and teacher without needing to learn too much technology or start your own website.

Reselling/Flipping Products
If you love going antiquing, goodwill shopping or out to yard sales, consider turning that into a business. If you know that you are finding a great deal on a product, instead of collecting and hoarding things in your own house, turn them over for a profit. Simply learn one or two platforms like Ebay, Etsy or Facebook marketplace.

Mom Has The Last Word

Obviously, of these businesses ideas some are easier to start up than others, and some have lower barriers to entry. Plus, it's important to make sure you do your own research before starting a business. Some of the examples and ideas above may need licenses or permits.

Having a list of business ideas in front of you may even get your creativity juices flowing and help you create something new that's not on the list, but is perfect for you and your family!

So, which stay at home mom business ideas interest you most? Did you already start one? Share your business ideas with us in the comments below so we can support one another!

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