Goal Setting Motivation Hack for Giant Goals

Do you need a little extra goal setting motivation for those giant goals in mind? You're in the right place.

Big goals can be scary. How are you supposed to set SMART goals that are realistic, and still set huge goals confidently?

It doesn’t matter whether the goal is personal or professional. It can be a physical health change like weight loss or strength improvement. Or, maybe you are setting a goal to finally pay off your remaining five-figure student loan debt. Giant goals can also arise in our professional lives, like striving for a C-suite position or making a career change altogether.

Regardless of the type of goal, there is a level of intimidation that takes over when trying to achieve them.

We put off working towards them because we either don’t know where to start, or because the task simply seems too daunting. Today we’re going to tackle that issue and start making progress. 

Start Goal Setting Now

Don't waste one more minute without setting your biggest, most audacious goals. Write them down somewhere that you can look at and keep motivated daily.

Start by looking at your biggest goal, the changes you want to make, or what you want to get out of life. You might not have a specific target in mind right away. At this point, it’s fine to simply decide that you want to lose some weight and improve your health, or start a side hustle to pay off those credit cards to give yourself some financial breathing space.

Know what your end goal is, but don’t worry about everything you need to do to get there. Just make sure you have an idea of the general direction you want to head in.

Go that goal in mind? Great! 

Baby Steps For Motivation

My goal for you today is to motivate and inspire you to take those first few baby steps toward your big goal. 

The key to reaching any goal, no matter how big or lofty, is to get started and take baby steps.

It sounds so simple, I know. But somehow, the “get started” piece stops so many people before they even get started. That's why it's so important to remember that you can reach any goal and make any change if you consistently take small steps towards it.

You don’t have to have it all figured out to get started. You don’t need to know exactly what you’ll have to do at every step along the way.

By setting your large goal and having it written down, you have already created the end destination, which is the most important part of your goal setting roadmap. Now, you just need to look one step ahead at a time and only learn what you need to know to make the next small baby step. This attitude prevents you from getting so overwhelmed that you never start at all.

Today is all about making a little bit of progress and getting started. This gets you over that initial hurdle and builds momentum. It will also help you realize that you can figure out the rest along the way. Ready to take those first few steps right now? 

Come up with one or two little things you can do right now that help you move into the right direction.

It doesn’t matter how small those steps are. They may seem insignificant when you look at the big picture, but they will quickly add up. Most importantly, they get you started.

Let’s look at a few examples of what those baby steps may look like for different types of goals.

Health Goal Setting:

  • Take a short, 10 minute walk daily
  • Cut out soda, replace with sparkling water
  • Learn and attempt to cook one new healthy receipe each week
  • Replace starchy side dishes with a salad or steamed veggies at every dinner

Financial Goal Setting:

  • Set up auto-draft to instantly pull $20 per month into a savings account you don't touch
  • Pay An Extra $10 Above The Minimum Credit Card Bill To Pay Down Principal Faster
  • Review Your Bills And Eliminate Unnecessary Items. Cancel Magazine Subscriptions Or Downgrade Your Cellphone And Cable Bills.
  • Stop Paying For Coffee At Fancy Shops
  • Pack Your Lunch For Work

Professional Goal Setting

  • Sign Up For An Online Course To Start Learning A New Skill At Your Own Speed
  • Research Job Categories And Industries For A Career Change
  • Schedule An Informational Phone Call With A Pro In Your Desired Field
  • Update Your Resume And Have A Friend Review It
  • Learn How To Start A Side Hustle
  • Start A Website Or Blog To Showcase Your Skills And Get Noticed Online

Ultimately, the point is that no matter what your huge goal is, it is achievable. But if you truly want to achieve it, you need to stay motivated and start today. Literally, right now. Go do something right this second that will move you in the right direction.

So what's it going to be? Share one of your big goals with us in the comments and what step you will hold yourself accountable to today!

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