5 Must Have Kitchen Items For New Moms

5 Must-Have Kitchen Items for New Moms

When it comes to being a new mom, life can get hectic fast. As a new moms, it's easy to become overwhelmed with the thought of having to juggle your new role and all that comes along with it.

But it doesn't have to that way!

Even if you are a budgeter or a minimalist, there are a handful of products worth every penny when you become a new parent. These items help simplify some of the biggest time-consumers in newborn life. This article will help equip new moms with the top 5 must have kitchen products for an easier transition into this new life.

From streamlining mealtime to making cleanup simpler, these five products are designed to make new motherhood more manageable and enjoyable. With time saved on preparing meals and cleaning, moms can enjoy more downtime, with less stress. So, if you're a new mom looking to make your life easier, keep reading to discover the top five must have kitchen products for new moms.

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Bottle Warmer

I don't care what they say. Sure, you could use a microwave and warm water and test and retest every 15 seconds. Or, you could get a reliable bottle warmer that consistently heats the same way every time. Drop in a bottle of milk, walk away, and for once, come back to a perfectly heated ready-to go bottle instead of an “oh, sh*t” moment.

My advice? Find something simple to use. Remember, when you are still half-asleep at 3:00 a.m. you are not going to be impressed by the product that sold you on having 100 bells and whistles.

After all of my research, I ended up with the Tommy Tippee bottle warmer and would highly recommend it! It's the right size to evenly heat bottles but also can continue to be used for breast milk storage bags or baby food jars.

Oh, and it automatically shuts itself off. So you, tired mama, don't have to worry about burning the house down when you forget about leaving this extra appliance on in the middle of the night.

Bottle Sterilizer

Another product some moms will say you don't need is a bottle sterilizer. But, if you find the right one like we did, it will become a priceless addition to your kitchen!

The Baby Brezza caught my attention because of its high capacity to sterilize a combination of items. Any bottles, pump parts, teethers, toys and other items can mix and match inside the accessory bin and trays. And since it is taller rather than wider, it doesn't take up much valuable kitchen counter space.

We love that we could throw bottles in the sterilizer and feel accomplished! Plus, this brand quickly dries the bottles and keeps them sterilized for up to 24 hours too.

So the honest truth is that instead of putting away baby bottles just to reuse them in 3 hours, we were often able to keep them inside the Baby Brezza for ease. And, it still kept our kitchen looking clean(ish) along the way.

“Grass-like” Countertop Drying Rack

Forget every other dish drying rack you have seen, and buy this one for yourself and all of your mom-to-be friends. Seriously!

This adorable drying rack is made of some type of flexible plastic that allows all types of bottles, glasses and random baby goodies to safely stand up and dry while taking up minimal space.

The original green-lawn look with “flower and tree” shaped accessories is what first caught my attention in an ad a few years ago. It's so fun, clever, and functional! However, the makers clearly recognize the sleek and minimalist look that a lot of mamas like, as well, because now they offer the same product in white. So if you are a fan of trying to make your space look like adults do still use it, you have options.

I wish I had seen this product years ago, even before kids. (Because spoiler alert… it also makes a great drying rack for those wine glasses that will finally get used again!)

Pair this drying rack with the a couple of the flower accessory or twiggy tree accessory parts, add a small bouquet of real flowers, and bring to the new mom for one of the most adorable (and useful) baby shower gifts of all time!

Bottle Brush Cleaning Set

You may already have all the sponges and scrub brushes you think you need. But, once baby comes along, you'll realize there are so many odd shapes and sizes that you need specialty brushes for. That's why I immediately purchased this Terracotta Cactus Bottle Brush Set … because look how sweet and fun it looks sitting on your kitchen counter top, too!

Honestly, many baby bottles and cups will come with that super long and skinny bristle brush shown below as a “free accessory.” So, you may end up having several lying around. However, they are mostly incredibly cheap thin wire with not much of a handle – and all of ours ended up in the trash. They just clutter up the counter and have no convenient way to store.

These brushes all sit upright and can drain in their self-contained “pot” when not in use, which is perfect. Truthfully, the tallest and largest brush wasn't my favorite because of the thickness of the bristles. That's why I still swear by the large bottle brush in the next section.

That said, I end up using the other pieces so often that I find it worth every penny.

The rounded “U” shape brush was one I had never seen before but ended up using often for cup lids and certain teething toys. Meanwhile, the shorter straight but thick brush is perfect for bottle nipples, which you are constantly washing!

Large Bottle Brush

A dedicated large bottle brush becomes your best friend as a new mom. With so many other adult dishes caked in food after meals, I wanted a brush that was only used for all of the baby's bottles and toys.

Have you realized that super-random things become incredibly exciting when you become a mom?

That's how I felt when I realized that the bottom of this bottle brush brush twists off for a bonus surprise!

The base is actually a silicon nipple brush, which works wonderfully on the small nooks and crannies that the large bristles can't get into. When you're done using it, you put the brush back on the stand, and suction cup the brush to stand up on your sink counter.

Mom Has The Last Word

It's the simplest things that become game-changers for new moms. These five kitchen items have been my personal favorites in our kitchen. As a mom with two kids under two years old, I personally use every single one of these things daily. I guarantee they will become the top-used baby shower gifts for mom-to-be, and your helpful kitchen best friends if you are treating yourself (which you 100% deserve to do!)

Check out over 130 Baby Registry Essentials for First-Time Moms if you need some more tips. I researched like crazy before buying, so hopefully you can save some time with these ready-to-go finds!

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