How To Tackle Social Media And Save Hours Of Time And Stress

Are you a solopreneur trying to grow your online business but exhausted by social media?

As a new mom and budding ecommerce entrepreneur, I'm already struggling to create a time management schedule that works. Just as I get structure and strategy in place I realize… I haven't touched social media in over three weeks.

You have to know that feeling, right?

The feeling that as a solopreneur you never have enough time to get it all done is SO frustrating. And honestly, it's disheartening sometimes.

You have worked your butt off to create a premium product or service only to realize … nobody knows about it.

Oh, and you don't have an “engaged audience” like all the pros tell you that you should because it's just you. A one-woman show. And you were too busy building to have time to do the marketing, too.

If you are ready for the cheat code to thriving on social media as a solopreneur, you're going to love this post.

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Why Social Media is a Time Suck for Solopreneurs

Personally, I am not a big social media user in my personal life. That has made it an even larger hurdle to overcome when it comes time to engage for my business.

Social media is like the ultimate shiny object syndrome. Except, as the business owner, you are supposed to keep providing new shiny objects non-stop to keep the attention of your audience.

Meanwhile, you are supposed to be authentic and personal. Show expertise while being genuine. Stay professional and consistent and on brand. Oh, and have you mixed in networking shout-outs and tags yet?

Social Media is a Hamster Wheel

Running social media for your business is a ton of work and it never stops. You have to keep pushing because you can’t afford to lose the attention of your audience. 

You don't see the direct or immediate impact from your social media efforts. It's typically a long, slow effort rather than immediate gratification until you've built that loyal audience.

Plus, just as you learn one platform, something new and trendy comes along. Or you hear about how that sneaky algorithm has changed again.

Social media can consume your time and before you know it, you’ve wasted hours of time and tons of mental energy trying to think of something useful to post. 

And then, are you sure anybody even saw it?

Coming up with creative post day after day is exhausting and overwhelming. And it takes away focus from your short and long-term projects and goals.

It's impossible for a solopreneur to find time to create a smart social media strategy while still running the day-to-day operations of your business.

The Secret to Solopreneur Social Media Success

There's a well-kept secret of solopreneurs who are succeeding on social media.

The secret? They have help.

Sounds like it doesn't make sense at first, right? The whole struggle of being a “solo”-preneur is being a one-woman show. No help.

But we, as entrepreneurs, don't have to be martyrs. And luckily, a female entrepreneur who DOES love social media has packaged up a bundle of love. And it is the only reason I have any social media presence these days.

Angie Gensler is like the friend who gives you her Cliff's Notes for the book you didn't actually read in class. (Are those still a thing?) And it saves the day one hour before your exam.

Except in the case of solving the social media test, Angie hands us her copy of the Social Media Content Club.

I can't believe how long it took me to admit you really don't have to reinvent the wheel. Use what works for someone else, and make it your own.

In this case, you barely even have to change much to be your own. Angie just knows what solopreneurs need – and saves us hours (or days) by doing it for us.

What is the Social Media Content Club?

Sure, I wish I had the budget to hire a professional social media marketer to run all of my accounts. But that could cost hundreds to thousands of dollars per month depending on how much they did for me.

So when I realized I could have all of the finished products from a pro social media marketer, with a fraction of the cost, I was psyched.

All of the most time-consuming parts of creating social media content are already done.

Every single month, you get:

  • 30+ NEW Copy-and-Paste posts
  • 30+ NEW Fill-in-the-Blank posts
  • Daily Video Ideas planned out
  • Daily Post Prompts planned out
  • Targeted Hashtag lists for the month
  • Detailed Holiday list for the month
  • Access to an Image Library of 750+ images

What Social Media Platform Are The Posts Created For?

Because solopreneurs all favor different social media platforms, the Social Media Content Club can plug in to any of your favorite platforms.

Daily post prompts can be great for Facebook Pages and Facebook Group engagement. Copy and paste posts are great for Instagram captions. Hashtags are now popular and used on every platform, even Pinterest.

And of course, having video content ideas planned is perfect for stories and reels which transition across all platforms and will even cover you for Tiktok.

How Is It Different From Other Social Media Resources?

First of all, this Content Club is now an app!

I first invested in Angie Gensler's social media help when I purchased a 2020 content planning calendar.

Back then, it was a packed-full Excel sheet and still came with hundreds of images, posts, quotes and done-for-you prompts.

But now? She's ramped it up even more, and you can have it on-hand at all times right on your phone.

Check out how easy it is to see all of the options for your daily post.

In the image below, you can see that for April 6th, there are four post types ready to go. Choose the one you want to work with for more detail and to select it for any platform you want. Use all four each day, or stick with just one you like the best!

Benefits of Social Media Content Help

As a business owner, your most valuable asset is time. Whenever you work on something you are not an expert at, or you could outsource somewhere else, it is reducing your overall impact moving the business forward.

By setting yourself up with social media help, you can finally be consistent with your posts across platforms. This is one of the most important keys in becoming visible and increasing engagement.

With the right resource, you can also spark creativity with a wide variety of ideas to keep your content fresh and unique. Even when you usually have no idea what to write next.

And in my mind, what's the biggest benefit? Getting time back in my day because I can add “social media” to my list of streamlined and automated business processes.

Will the Social Media Content Club Work For My Business?

Keeping my brand voice authentic and unique is important to me.

When reputation is key in business, you don't want to be seen as another rinse-and-repeat copycat. So honestly, I don't often invest in done-for-you bulk bundles.

When I researched the Social Media Content Club, I was so impressed with how customizable it was, while still being 99% done-for-you.

How is that possible?

Well, it's the blend of prompts and fill-in-the-blank that completely eliminate writer's block. Meanwhile, they are open-ended enough to plug in specific language for your industry, niche and audience.

Don't just take my word for it.

Here are three of the many testimonials from Angie's happy customers. She was happy to let me share them here with you!

Mom Has The Last Word

If you have been struggling to tackle social media and wasting tons of time as a solopreneur, make a small investment in a HUGE solution. Angie's Content Club is like the social media assistant you want, but at the price you want – and can afford – to pay.

Free up hours of time and stress to focus on the strategic parts of your business – and the parts you actually love – by giving the Content Club a try now!

I hope you love the Content Club and immediately feel the weight off your shoulders. Once you sign up, let me know in the comments what you love most about it.

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