New Blog Goal Setting Checklist

If you are trying to set goals for your new blog, but feel like you are several steps away from being able to set metrics for SMART goals, then this might be a better approach for you.

Have you considered setting goals based on accomplishing “firsts” for each milestone of a new blogger?

Instead of trying to figure out what a “normal” number of visitors and page views are, you can structure goals based around milestone “firsts” instead.

Focus on Firsts as You Build a New Blog

Thanks to an old post from the infamous ProBlogger Darren Rowse, some creative goal-setting ideas around “focusing on firsts” is a great idea I recommend to new bloggers.

As you gain traction and find your footing in the blogging world, you will be able to adjust your goals and set more specific metrics. These are key when setting traffic and monetization goals.

However, in the interim, setting “firsts” allows you to structure goals more in your own direct control.

By striving for milestone firsts, you still have achievable and realistic goals from day one. (Especially if you have not even gotten analytics up and running on your blog yet!) At the same time, you still need the next steps to strive toward.

  • Receive your first link bank
  • Create and launch your first email list freebie
  • Get your first blog comment (from non-family or friends)
  • Publish your first guest post on another blog
  • Get your first (non-family or friend) email subscriber
  • Make your first $1 from ads
  • Make your first $1 per week from your blog
  • Make your first affiliate sale – any amount

As usual, I like to make things pretty and visual to keep my attention and stay focused/ Feel free to print out the new blogger goal checklist below if it's helpful to you, too!

Even though the first $1 or single sale may not feel like much of a goal, believe me, it is.

There is something powerful about the very first dollar that suddenly makes you realize this IS possible. People DO make money online through blogging.

And even better… you have figured it out.

So, which goals are you planning to set for your new blog? Which of these milestones firsts have you already achieved? Let me know in the comments below!

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