5 Ways To Effectively Use Your Blog To Drive Business

Twenty years ago when bloggers were building up loyal followers, I wanted to jump in to the industry. However, I thought blogging seemed too much like an online diary rather than a way to create and share valuable content.

Fast forward to today, and I think we can all acknowledge that blogging has grown into an effective way to propel businesses forward.

So how are business owners using blogs to generate new traffic and ultimately, business growth? Read on for five ways they – and you- need to be taking advantage of blogging for business.

5 Ways Blogging Benefits Your Business:

  1. Blogs help people find your business.
    Most of the time, when a customer requires a product or service, they go and perform a search on Google. The goal is for your business to be the product or service that pops up in their search results. 

    Your goal is to get people to notice you. 

    SEO (search engine optimization) is the key to successful blogging. A unique, exciting blog with good keywords is vital for customers to find you. Search engines (like Google) love relevant, engaging content. Blogs are a simple, inexpensive way to provide the keywords that will drive traffic to your site.
  2. You can build relationships. 
    Blogs provide a way to talk to customers and start conversations without communicating in person. They create a relaxed space for connecting with new and existing customers.

    Plus, they potentially have global reach. Imagine being able to engage with hundreds, thousands or millions of people by writing one blog post.

    Customers tend to trust your products and expertise more if you post useful, valuable content.
  3. You can provide a knowledge base.
    When your content is engaging, your reader benefits from the information and sees you as an ‘industry expert.’

    Whenever readers have a question about something in your particular field, your blog will be the first place they check for answers. When they require your product or service, clients will trust you to be the best choice for the job, leading to more customers.
  4. You can create brand awareness.
    Your blog is an opportunity to share your business's mission, vision and values. It generates camaraderie with your customers when you can align with shared goals. Blogging is a way of communicating your brand and business intentions to your customers.
  5. You can effectively market your business.
    Of course, word-of-mouth marketing is the best marketing out there. That’s precisely what you’re creating with a well-crafted blog post. 

    When customers feel like they are benefitting from your blog, they will share it with their friends and family. There is no cap on how far-reaching a blog post can be if it’s quality content.

Is It Time to Start a Blog?

Starting a blog is an ideal marketing strategy if you’re ready to increase your brand awareness, bump up your online traffic, and convert that traffic to clients.

Blogging is a simple idea. However, if blog posts are intimidating, remember that professionals will take on this task for you.

You can hire a trained copywriter to craft blog posts that will convert your visitors to customers for a reasonable fee. Copywriters understand SEO and know how to write to engage your visitors and have them return for more.

If you’re keen to take on this challenge yourself, plenty of online articles and courses are available to help you learn the basics of SEO and how to write an effective blog post.

Blogs should be an integral part of your marketing strategy. Use this simple marketing tool to your advantage today.

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