7 Ways To Decide What To Sell On Etsy

Choosing what to sell on Etsy is going to be one of your biggest decisions. You may already have something you know how to make and want to sell on Etsy, or you may be looking for an idea of something you can make or source to sell. 

Use this section to help you come up with an idea (or ideas) of what you want to sell in your Etsy shop.

Use Available Research Tools

There are several tools that can help you determine what products might sell well on Etsy. Here we’ll share a few of those tools that you can use to help you with an Etsy store.

ERank is a tool you can use to understand the search engine optimization (SEO) for Etsy. It was launched in 2016 by Anthony Wolf, a man who used his knowledge of SEO to help his wife increase her sales on Etsy. 

There are free and premium services available with eRank. 

A free plan will offer you: 

  • Keyword ideas 
  • Listing audits (with suggestions for how to boost your sales)
  • Rank checkers (shows you how well your products are ranking)
  • 100 listings analyzed
  • Keywords that shoppers are searching for
  • Monitors list rankings over the last two weeks


Marmalead is another tool you can use to help develop your marketing plan.  Marmalead costs $19 dollars a month and it offers:

  • Information on what’s trending
  • Keyword Suggestions
  • Similar Searches
  • Search volume to your Etsy Page
  • Engagement on your Etsy Page
  • Keyword seasonality
  • Keyword forecasting
  • Side-by-side keyword comparison
  • A letter grade for your site
  • SEO information
  • Most recommended Etsy SEO products
  • Connect multiple shops

Both Marmalead and eRank give you the opportunity to learn what products people are interested in, and then you can continue using these tools to help you sell things in the future. 

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Check Out the Competition

When you’re considering what to sell on Etsy it’s always a good idea to look at your competition.

Consider the item(s) you want to sell. How many sellers are already selling the type of product you want to sell? How well are they performing? Is there room in this particular niche for more sellers? 

What makes their products special? How many positive or negative reviews do they get?

Put Your Own Spin on Products

There may be thousands of people on Etsy selling crocheted or knitted items. Perhaps even more than thousands of people sell this type of product. 

If crocheting or knitting is your thing, how will you differentiate yourself from the competition? What’s special about your products that will make people want to purchase them over another store’s inventory? 

If you’re a woodworker, what items will you have that are different from your competition? Perhaps you use all reclaimed wood. Maybe you upcycle old wooden items. You could also make one-of-a-kind art pieces that can’t be found anywhere else. 

Whatever your niche is, you’ll want your items to be better, different, or better priced than the other sellers on Etsy.

Choose a Product You Can Make Over and Over Again

Unless you’re making custom products for each sale, you’re going to be making the same thing over and over and over again. Think of a product or set of products that you will enjoy spending many hours with. Choose something that you won’t tire easily from, and one that you can make fairly quickl

If you’re selling items that are extremely time-consuming, ensure that you have a market for it and that people are willing to spend extra dollars to cover the cost of your labor.

Pick a Product That’s Profitable

Unfortunately, simply enjoying making something doesn’t make it profitable. If you’re spending a lot of money sourcing materials for your products, you may have very thin profit margins. You could also be spending a great deal of time making something, but the market won’t support the prices you would need to receive a fair wage. 

When you’re choosing a product, carefully calculate the time it will take you to make and the cost of the resources. Will this product be worth your time and money, and will it turn a profit? 

Make Something With Reliable Resources

Try to choose something to make that is made from materials you can trust and can be sourced over and over. Imagine being a candle maker, but you can never find beeswax, soy, or paraffin to make your candles. No matter how good you are at making candles, you won’t make any sales if you can’t source your materials. 

Of course, candle wax is generally pretty easy to source, but it may not be true for a particular product that you’re interested in selling. 

Think About Digital Versus Physical Product

If you don’t have a lot of time to spend making products, you may want to consider selling digital products. 

Selling digital products gives you the freedom to make a product once and continue to make money from it over and over again. This is a much more passive way of creating an Etsy income than making physical products every day. 

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